Law of God 






How much do I love you?


Let me count the ways... 

1.   I will have no other gods.

2.   I will not make or bow down to any image.

3.   I will not dishonor you and your name.

4.   I will remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.

5.   I will honor my father and mother.

6.   I will not murder.

7.   I will not commit adultery.

8.   I will not steal.

9.   I will not lie.

10. I will not covet what belongs to my neighbor.


The Sabbath - not Sunday

by Bill Wong



The Bible and the Lord Jesus the Christ (Messiah) never made the 7th day Sabbath obsolete or “changed” the Sabbath to the 1st day, Sunday.  In fact, the Sabbath day is the only day of the week the Bible names; all other days were numbered from 1 to 6. It was only thousands of years later that the days of the week as we know it now were given their pagan names. The Sabbath day is also the only day God made holy/sanctified (Genesis 2:1-3) and is in the 10 Commandments.



Please read Parts 1 through 5 of 'The Sabbath - not Sunday':


Part #1 – Why do Christians observe Sunday?

Part #2 – Roman Catholic Church, not the Bible, 'changed' Sabbath to Sunday

Part #3 – Biblical Sabbath applies to everyone and is still in effect

Part #4 – The Book of Revelation shows the 10 Commandments and Sabbath are in effect for all believers

Part #5 – Conclusion


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