Gospel of God




The Bible message to all

by Bill Wong




What is the Bible’s message to everyone all over the world regardless of their age, sex, ethnicity, religion, country of origin, behavior, economic or political position, or any other background?   

It is the message that God is love and He loves us all --- and He wants us to return to the loving relationship we once had with Him.  This relationship is our destiny that He intended for us; it has been interrupted by sin, but it will be restored very soon as God is calling out a people with eyes to see and ears to hear and live His truth, regardless of the cost.

Please read ‘The Bible Message to All’ parts 1 to 3. 

They should be read in sequence as they are one article in three sections:

The Bible Message to All: Part 1 – the Situation

The Bible Message to All: Part 2 – the Solution

The Bible Message to All: Part 3 – the Summation

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